How does the Shopify app work?

The Shopify app is required to provide the needed information exchange between Shopify and Space. It allows us to keep your product information up to date and take care of your orders as they come in.

Installing the app

  1. Create an account by going to and install during the onboarding process or search for the plugin in Shopify App Store.

  2. Install the plugin by selecting “Add app”. Complete the installation according to the instructions.

  3. The plugin should be displayed in the Apps list (Apps in the menu on the left). The plugin name is Space.

Using the app

  1. Check that your sender information is correct from Settings → Delivery

  2. Add correct shipping methods to your checkout Settings → Checkout

    1. If you don’t define the shipping method for your orders, the default one is used which might not be best option

Adding new shipping method

  1. Select from the menu new shipping method and press “Add”

  2. Configure shipping methods price and visibility and others.

Disabling the app

Select “Apps” in Shopify’s menu on the left. Select “Delete” for Space app.


If you run into issues when using Space or our Shopify app, feel free to contact us at

A part of Posti Group since 2020

A part of Posti Group since 2020

A part of Posti Group since 2020